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We at Topfix understand completely the need for a plumbing system that works efficiently and a sanitation system which makes sure that your space remains pristine. Which is why we carry the highest quality of products that are created to undergo the highest amounts of stress and pressure and shrug them off without a hitch. Our premium plumbing and sanitation options are customized to fit the scale and budget of your operation.

Leakage problems caused by faulty plumbing have the potential to start off as minor annoyances and transition into major problems which can threaten the integrity of a structure as a whole. Mold growth, fungi and other problems can interfere with your working environment and become health hazards. We understand that the constant pressure of water and growth of mold is a problem that can only be solved through regular diligence. Which is why we at Topfix have an expert team at hand to regularly inspect your environs and detect and defuse any potential problems before they become serious issues.

In the same vein, when it comes to sanitation, we’ve all dealt with the nuisance of unclean washrooms and improper drainage systems. Topfix prides itself in ensuring that the environment of your office or home remains as hygienic as possible. We provide a range of sanitation options that make sure you don’t need to worry about having unsanitary working conditions, ever.